Craig Moat, Teeside UK

Level 1 Approach Instructor

Having trained in Tang Soo Do for 25 years I have witnessed many good techniques but more importantly many poor techniques of self Defence.

I see myself as a realist and understand that its only the simple techniques that are effective, Especially in a high octane situation.

Many instructors like to teach thousands of techniques to their students which although boosts their repertoire it is actually futile in self defence.

Too much information is very caustic when trying to react quickly in a fight/flight situation. Having too much information puts the victim

In an invidious position where they are to select what will and won’t work. The outcome is either they have been attacked during the ‘Choice’ process

or have selected an unsuitable technique that has further dragged them into danger.

With the above in mind I have always taught simple and scruffy techniques to my students and pressure test these with various types of scenario based training.

However, I did feel something was still missing and further to purchasing a couple of Eddie Quinn’s DVD’s I knew this was a self protection method

I could trust. I wasted no time in contacting Eddie and within 6 months I completed the approach instructors course. All I can say is that I learnt more in 3 days

About reality based self defence than I had been previously taught in 20+ years. Eddie has a wealth of knowledge in martial arts and self defence, his CV speaks for itself. But what sets him apart from other instructors is that he is a realist, he can draw on real life situations and he is not only practical but also but devastatingly fast.

Above all he is a true gentleman.

I have dovetailed the approach self protection method into our Tang Soo Do syllabus and this has paid dividends.

Its so common these days for some martial arts clubs to focus primarily on kata/hyungs/patterns and basic techniques (both of which we teach) but there is little emphasis on pure self defence.

The approach is easy to learn (it contains primal movements) but more importantly it is easy to adapt. There is no point drilling techniques week after week that don’t work.

In real life situations (its like trying to drive a square peg into a circular hole).

The approach is a life skill that will literally save your life. Complete credit to Eddie Quinn for his wisdom and continued hard work. I am very proud to be part of the approach family.

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