Hello, I'm Eddie Quinn

I’m a professional martial arts teacher based in Solihull, England and I teach martial arts and self defence around the world.

I believe great teachers change the world for the better by helping others improve their lives, their aspirations and their outcomes.

“If You Don't Teach From The Heart, Don't Teach.”

Eddie Quinn

The Approach

This is my unique method of self-defence. It’s quick and easy to learn, is practical and effective, and is easy to maintain. The Approach is a functional method of self-defence for people from all walks of life.

Silat Fitrah

I teach a syllabus that reflects a number of core physical and psychological principles. The syllabus includes ground, footwork, elbow, striking and kicking forms and a salutation that incorporate all the key principles of movement.

Childsafe Martial Arts

I created and began teaching Childsafe in 1998. Currently i’m teaching over 250 children every week during term times in the Solihull area. It’s a really big commitment and a very important part of what I do.

Is an Award Winning Method of Self Defence

best self defense system
Eddie Quinn | best self defence system
best self defence system

What others are saying...

Magnus P.

Police officer, Innlandet PD, Norway

Eddie presented The Approach in a very easy and and no nonsense way. The techniques can be used effectively without any modification, and most of the techniques are transferable to the use of baton. A very good seminar and very job relevant. Strongly recommended.

Danny Doyle

Royal Marine Commando, Maritime Security Officer, British Military Fitness Instructor

Eddie Quinn's The Approach, is by far the most realistic self defence system I have trained in!  It's easy to learn but effective and gets the job done!

Eddie's teaching methods are exceptional and coupled with his enthusiasm and passion he inspired me to take my training to the next level.

Chris Parker

Senior Instructor in Silat Fitrah

Sometimes, somethings - and some people - work brilliantly for everybody.

Eddie Quinn's The Approach is one of those fare things.

He is a talented, caring teacher.

The Approach offers benefits to all, from children and families, to professional martial artists, security and the military.

You can trust Eddie Quinn and The Approach with all you hold dear.

Phil Norman 

Ghost Elusive Combat

The Approach is the go to system if you want an immediate answer to a violent encounter.



Andrew Hickey 

Founder of the inner circle combative method. Perth, Western Australia 

Real professionalism, real experience, real skills development, really easy to learn! 

Eddie Quinn’s The Approach is everything a martial artist needs in their tool box. 


Bob Breen

4D Combat 

One of the master communicators. An expert in martial arts but more importantly a great human being.

Ian Parker 

7th Dan, MPSK Peterborough 

I highly recommend The Approach, awesome system and awesome teacher.

Ola B.

Police Inspector, Norwegian Police

The Approach is a very suitable system for police officers as it requirers very little training for the officers to be efficient, and thereby gaining confidence in their abilities.  It is very easy to learn and easy to maintain.  By using the most durable parts of the body as weapons like the hammerfists and elbows, you are also ensuring that you don't get injuries that may restricts your duties after the altercation like handcuffing, writing reports etc.  The core movements of The Approach is also very transferable to baton use also.  You have one system that covers empty hand and weapons use.  Highly recommended for all law enforcement personnel.


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