There are 3 important questions I’m going to ask and answer right now. They are:

Why am I a teacher?

For me 3 interconnected reasons:

Because I believe great teachers change the world for the better by helping others improve their lives, their aspirations and their outcomes. The teacher’s role is to educate and inspire; to create attitude and ability, behaviour and belief, confidence and capability. Teachers don't just make the world go round they make sure the world develops. Teachers remind us of the difference one person can make. I want to make that sort of difference.

Because teachers have an obligation to their students to keep learning and growing themselves. And I do. I have my own teacher. And he has his. Teachers are simply links in a chain of transmission, each connected to the other by their desire to share their experience, to make things better for the next generation. Consequently I also believe the teacher should be the best student in the room. Learning never stops. I want to keep learning.

3) Because I love the challenge, responsibility and thrill of teaching others! I believe we should all spend our lives doing those things we are passionate about. I’m passionate about teaching.

What exactly do I teach?

The following 3 things:

1) Childsafe »

This is a safe, fun - filled, disciplined programme for children aged 5 - 16 that develops the essential awareness, attitudes and skills necessary for youngsters to avoid trouble - and manage it if they have to - whilst also growing in confidence, developing their ability to concentrate and becoming physically fitter.

2) The Approach »

This is my unique, easy-to-learn and extremely effective method of self -defence suitable for all. I teach The Approach to everyone - from Police, Military and those working in the Security industry to people who have never trained in martial arts before. When I say it’s suitable for all, it really is! I’m delighted to say that The Approach was voted System of the year at the 2016 UK Martial Arts Awards.

3) Silat Fitrah »

This is a Malaysian martial art that incorporates groundwork,striking, locks,throws and a variety of weapons. I only teach Silat Fitrah to people over the age of 16 who want to enjoy learning a traditional martial art in its entirety.

How do I teach?

With passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail! I create a high-energy atmosphere and a supportive,welcoming environment - a community - in which individuals can create new, positive relationships with fellow students whilst sharing their own experience and progressing at their own rate.

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